He was born on January 06, 2013 in the city of Chincha Hospital ESSALUD.

Nikolas at present with diagnosis infantile cerebral palsy, respiratory difficulty which were not corrected in an opportune way by which the absence of oxygen bears to Cerebral Palsy, at present he already is three years old and 3 months and does not manage to sit down, and does not control head moving. Child need physical therapy and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and language therapy in the Clinic God's Saint John of the city of Lima and the Hospital ESSALUD Rebagliati.

He needs a neurological chair, valued 2000 dollars that can be bought only in Colombia, Chile. We can help with 1500 dollars and the parents will put the rest $500

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MMM Venezuela gift joy to children in the city of Barinas

Recreational activities, access to a tours, painted faces, children's shows and special promotions, MMM Venezuela gave joy to children this Saturday in the city of Barinas.

McDonald's facilities was the suitable place for the development of the activity, hosting was provided by the Manager of the establishment, the younger members of the family were treated to a special buffet; programming included a tour of facilities, snacks, and children's show by the hostesses. The enjoyment was guaranteed with musical atmosphere and cotillions.

The Manager of Venezuela, licensed Zuleivy Torres, wanted that these meetings was conducted to give smiles to children in Venezuela. Due to the situation in the country it is difficult to parents take their children to places of recreation "we believe that all Venezuelans deserve better world, thanks to the community of mutual aid that reached Latin America specifically to my country, allowing us to yearn for concrete objectives to ensure abundance in our lives".

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