Charity event for children

The school is called educational Institute located in the cabimas municipality kiri-kire. Zulia. At the event there were present 28 persons and 66 children. We gifted school material to every one and did raffles and didactic games for every child. They all were very satisfied and grateful with MMM


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Ayuda Social en el cerro candela #MMM


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Event for children with autism problems

Results of the event for children with autism problems, were given school materials and food to all.

We have given donations in schools, in addition to that we painted walls in the streets doing murals with the letters of MMM and positive messages

Charity event in the asylum "Santa Teresa of Jesus Jornet"

Currently in the asylum "Santa Teresa of Jesus Jornet" live 80 persons, very few of them have families who visit them. As the mother superior said, the main needs are diapers, medicines since many of them do not have insurance, warm clothes and blankets for the strong cold of this area, also they need cleaning products that are in daily use. The objective of this event is to help to the olds that need us. And we want that they feel very happy. The asylum was previously decorated with the theme of the Community ( green and white balloons, serpentine, tape water, banner, etc.) We presented chocolatada and bocaditos. Finally we represented the Community MMM Global.

Leader: Margarita Aguilar
REPORT OF EVENT: Delivery of baskets of the first need to 40 families in Maria del Triunfo City


On Friday, the 27th of May the leader of MMM Peru Margarita Aguilar delivered 40 baskets with supplies of the first need to 40 families, Thanks to The support of the guiadoras mayra, Masiel and Mercedes all the assistants remained very interested in participating in this big Community, leaving its information for registration.

Thank you very much MMM Global!!!

Obtained results:

  • Number of Persons expected for the event: 40 persons
  • Assistants reached to the event: 55 persons
  • Number of Registered immediately: 20 new registered persons


Event Report: Presentations of MMM

Global target: MMM presentation was realized with 03 Familiar baskets, snacks, drinks (sodas and water) with 13 participants


  • Meeting with 13 participants (04 registered)
  • 03 distributed familiar baskets
  • Brochures and flyers distributed in different parts of city of Ilo
  • 5 persons compromised to register in future



1st prevention campaign of dental care

We supported the indigenous communities of the nearby villages to Machupicchu, as well as the population of the city of Machupicchu. 2 days of work. The first day on 13 May it was presented the prevention dental campaign and MMM Global. The day 14 it was conducted dental prevention and began for a quantity of 80 to 100 persons.

Event held on the 6 of May

Chimbote is the largest city in the Ancash Region of Peru, and the capital of both Santa Province and Chimbote District.

The city is located on the coast in Chimbote Bay, 130 km south of Trujillo and 420 kilometers (260 mi) north of Lima on the North Pan-American highway. It is the start of a chain of important cities on the Peruvian north coast like Trujillo, Chiclayo and Piura. The advantages of this geographic location made Chimbote into a transshipment junction for the Santa River valley.

Thanks to our community MMM overall through the guiding of Hector Martinez and Aderli Arias and set of other participants made this event the day may 6, 2016 achieving benefit to all a settlement with more than 138 children and more than 100 families that were very thankful to MMM GLOBAL, here in this place nobody made donations. WE are the first. Live MMM GLOBAL!

Charity event in the nursing home of the beneficence of metropolitan Lima.

Saturday 30 April from 9:00 AM TO 12, in the nursing home located in the Jiron Ancash 1595 Barrios Altos.

Participants from MMM GLOBAL and interested friends accompanied us to make an intergenerational meeting and provide help and a bit of joy to the elderly homeless people.

Organizer: Elkin Garzon (BitcoinEnPeru)





He was born on January 06, 2013 in the city of Chincha Hospital ESSALUD.

Nikolas at present with diagnosis infantile cerebral palsy, respiratory difficulty which were not corrected in an opportune way by which the absence of oxygen bears to Cerebral Palsy, at present he already is three years old and 3 months and does not manage to sit down, and does not control head moving. Child need physical therapy and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and language therapy in the Clinic God's Saint John of the city of Lima and the Hospital ESSALUD Rebagliati.

He needs a neurological chair, valued 2000 dollars that can be bought only in Colombia, Chile. We can help with 1500 dollars and the parents will put the rest $500

BITCOIN WALLET 14Dmab5JLcks9YzViNs1Z3w7BvhTveHktQ



MMM in the International Conference

Great event was organized April 01 in the auditorium of the BRITISH PERUVIAN INTERNATIONAL School, where MMM leaders Giuliana Roig and Henry Bravo could present MMM Peru.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE:, one of the current voices on the infantile development, WORLD AWARD EUREKA 2012, PRESIDENT of the world association of education, stimulation and infantile development OMEDI, of the Latin-American association of stimulation, president of the world association of special education, president of the world council of University Academicians COMAU





Marcelo Armando Gordillo Iman a child of almost seven years of age with special skills. At the moment of its birth it was detected that the child was suffering from microcephaly, epilepsy and late severe engine, at present it is not mobilized, with constant epileptic crises.


  1. To help Marcelo to move to the different places without uncomfortable feelings.
  2. To realize walks with Marcelo so that he will know more the world that surrounds him.
  3. To achieve its mobilization independently.



Kiosk as a help to a pregnant girl! Now she can work at home!

On Saturday, the 20th of February, the Community MMM Global Peru provided help to Pamela Apestegui, who is a single mother and has 6 months of pregnancy, she cannot work because of her conditions and she holds head above water.

MMM Global Peru with their guiding in San Juan de Miraflores district where she lives provided her this opportunity to get a kiosk, 300 soles for goods, clothing for your baby and pumpers; so she can work at home and take care of their children at the same time. She is convinced that our community helps to those who need it, and so Pamela will shared our ideology and our way of working... Thank you MMM GLOBAL!





The help was realized to Mrs. Marilú Saavedra Janeluz of 45-year-old with paraplegia of extremities. She suffers since childhood and whole life she is a wheelchair user; Marilú is a single mother, lives with her two children a 12-year-old daughter and a 11-year-old son. Also her mother is in a Human Establishment of the city of Pucallpa.

Misses Marilú early lived in the community of San Isidro, but the Municipality relocated it since this area was ruined by the river Ucayali. Later they came to the AA.HH. Spring II where she lives now in a small house constructed of wood and completely damaged, where 4 persons live in overcrowding, also the calamine roof is damaged, wetting the interior during rains, the area where the lady lives is an area where the water stagnates.

In spite of the bad proper conditions, the lady maintains her house; She sells the meal, especially in the nights, she puts its table out of the house and sells juanes, sausages, roast fish, patarashca of fish, etc, we observe that her kitchen where she cooks is completely damaged (rotted). Also we observe that its wheelchair was in poor condition. It turns down.

For this reason we decided to help her. We bought:

  • 10 Strips of wood
  • 08 Calamines
  • Nails for calamine
  • Nails for wood
  • 1 Table for the messmates
  • 4 Bankings
  • Coal cooker
  • Wheelchair
  • 100 soles in cash to buy her supplies.

I thought to realize the help the second week of January, but I couldn't because of different motives, such as rains (Marilú's house filled with water of the constant rains, there were also problems with the acquisition of the wheelchair.

The quality of video isn't good, we didn't have another camera.

In spite of all the difficulties that we had, the lady was very satisfied and hugely impressed by the things that she had received. We improved the state of her housing and her family.







Breshman and Sayda; guiders of MMM Global Peru community met “Casa Hogar Luz” located in Huamanga — Ayacucho through the website. They saw that there are many needs and decided to contact with the responsible persons, finding opportunities how to bring a joy to the children of “Casa Hogar Luz”.

On 05 December 2015, after their coordination and with the help of MMM Global Peru they could perform a hot chocolate festivities, giving to 18 children: Hot Chocolate, fruit cakes, toys and children's show.

All the children were very excited about the event in his honor. In the coming days Breshman will meet with the managers of “Casa Hogar Luz” since they are very interested in being part of our community.

Thank you very much MMM Peru, Adelina Rodriguez, and all their managers in Peru for the realization of this great event!


Charity Event, Lima: Beds for peruanitos

Mission completed Friends! December, 5, we compared with the babies and their respective mothers of Cerro Candela in SMP, Peru. It was a spectacular event especially for them. We gifted 10 beds with their respective sheets, pillows and blankets. More than 54 panettons for 54 families. Everybody were very pleased and very grateful with the help provided by MMM, Adelina and us... Many thanks also to Jose and family, Meche and Roberto, Jenny and Roberto, Hector, Adam, Franklin, Mayrina and friend of Yurimaguas for their collaboration in the event.



MMM Peru has donated hearing aid to young girl with hearing loss! Now she can hear up to 100 %.

Margarita got pregnant very early, she was abandoned by her partner, and became father and mother for Deisy... When Deisy was one year old, she was playing in the yard of her grandmother’s house, the tree fell down on Deisy and injured her ears... Since her mother did not have the resources to buy earphones for her daughter, she was losing the hearing... Margarita was employed at factories and for that reason left her daughter alone, and because of it Daisy was attempted to rated. So Margarita works realizing various activities to be able to settle the expenses of her daughter and house. ...

Thanks to MMM, after 15 years Deisy can hear well up to 100 %. Due to the gifts — hearing aid and a computer she can study and do her tasks. Also her mother Margarita joins this great community because and plants to be a very good Manager. MMM Global complies with the projected, not only in gaining money, also in helping to those who more need it.


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