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On June 22, in the center of Sonora City Obregon, we had an activity, where we distributed fresh waters to the persons who were coming in the trucks and were walking on the square Álvaro Obregón.

The thermometer was marking 42 degrees centigrade, too hot.

We rise to the trucks to deliver publicity of the Community of MMM and to give them a glass of fresh water, the astonished persons enjoyed a refreshing water and the valuable information.

The activity lasted 2 hours.

Many persons were interested in participation in MMM.


Last May 5, 2016, the team of MMM Mexico of City Obregón, Sonorous we distributed food to interns' relatives of the IMSS (Mexican Institute of the Welfare). The idea arose from seeing the need of the persons who are going to take care of people who is hospitalized. Many of them come from villages and do not have where to sleep and the majority eats only once a day.

Seeing the need of these relatives, MMM Mexico and the team of City Obregón, Sonorous; came and settle a stand, in which we accommodated the cakes and the juices and we went to invite the persons.

We feel satisfied that we made happy a group of persons and announced our community of MMM Mexico.

The event in the White House in Puebla

The day may 14, 2016, the event was carried out in the White House in puebla, counting on the collaboration of Veronica Reyes, Patricia Rojas and at the end the testimony of Guillermo Tellez.This team invited more than 150 people. what is MMM? How does it work? and what benefits can be obtained by participating in this great community MMM. people were surprised to hear the benefits of MMM. at the end pantries in bags with logo of MMM were delivered. People were fascinated to hear that MMM and Mr Sergey Mavrodi worry about people. 25 persons registered and that filled us with joy, to conclude the members of MMM we are satisfied by the work carried out and the attention of persons invited.


He was born on January 06, 2013 in the city of Chincha Hospital ESSALUD.

Nikolas at present with diagnosis infantile cerebral palsy, respiratory difficulty which were not corrected in an opportune way by which the absence of oxygen bears to Cerebral Palsy, at present he already is three years old and 3 months and does not manage to sit down, and does not control head moving. Child need physical therapy and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and language therapy in the Clinic God's Saint John of the city of Lima and the Hospital ESSALUD Rebagliati.

He needs a neurological chair, valued 2000 dollars that can be bought only in Colombia, Chile. We can help with 1500 dollars and the parents will put the rest $500

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Event for shildren, visiting cinema

On March 30, I took a group of children to the cinema, to spend a pretty evening in the Cinema, thanks to MMM, some of the children saw Panda Kung Fu 3 and Batman Vs Superman. Children enjoyed a delightful drinks and played the electronic games.

The parents were very grateful for the gift that MMM gave to its children, knew the community and most of the Parents — 16 persons — decided to be a part of the community.



Evento de caridad en México

The event was held on Saturday and consisted in distributing pantries between people with low income. More than 80 persons assisted the event. During the event the organizers explained what MMM is and how it functions, how one can get additional financial benefits. The participants were explained that the system is aimed to provide and get help between the members of the Community.
After the event more than a half of the participants decided to join the system however more registrations are expected soon.
The guests understood that only together they can overcome poverty and help each other.
After the event many participants decided to provide help between 1000 and 5000 Mexican pesos.
Some of the participants decided to provide the minimum help of $10 in order to make sure the community really functions.
My personal referrals have already requested to provide help of at least 1050 pesos (about 70% of my referrals) and other guiders have almost the same although I don’t know precise figures.
Finally, everybody was satisfied and happy to participate in this event, and we are going to organize more large-scale events soon.
We are looking for positive news.
Together we are changing the world!



MMM Mexico has carried out its first charity event in Saltillo! 25.01.2016

The MMM Global Mexico team in Saltillo has carried out a big charity event. The guiders’ and participants’ team in Saltillo has presented 100 coats in the town located near Zapaliname.

That was a wonderful experience both for guiders and participants, and everybody was happy to provide help to those who really need it. The beneficiaries were extremely happy and grateful to MMM Mexico for that wonderful idea.
So, MMM Global Mexico has organized its first charity event in Mexico however it surely won’t be the last one.
More than 200 person have participated in the event and everybody was very satisfied!
MMM Mexico — together we are changing the World!

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