He was born on January 06, 2013 in the city of Chincha Hospital ESSALUD.

Nikolas at present with diagnosis infantile cerebral palsy, respiratory difficulty which were not corrected in an opportune way by which the absence of oxygen bears to Cerebral Palsy, at present he already is three years old and 3 months and does not manage to sit down, and does not control head moving. Child need physical therapy and rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and language therapy in the Clinic God's Saint John of the city of Lima and the Hospital ESSALUD Rebagliati.

He needs a neurological chair, valued 2000 dollars that can be bought only in Colombia, Chile. We can help with 1500 dollars and the parents will put the rest $500

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The low strata in Colombia, every time are increasing and with this, the possibility to have Odontologic control it is so difficult, is for that MMMColombia and the support of the guiadores Danny and Fabi, we made possible that Strata 0 and 1 of Bogota had the opportunity to have a Prevention and a Fluoridation.

See the eyes of the persons who feel security of being able to smile, it does that our hearts say we achieve it and this way we can demonstrate that our COMMUNITY MMMColombia, It is not interested the social levels, It is not interested that if you are Rich or Poor, alone it wants that: “UNITED WE CHANGE THE WORLD”.

On April 4, 2016, we realize PROUDLY this event of Charity that our Company allowed that make it. We attended to many adults, children, teenagers, also 3er age people, that they stay so grateful with MMMColombia!!!