April 12, 2017, city Governador Valadares, MG state. Guider Filipe.

The event took place at the local junior Rio Doce school, which is located near Ibituruna Peak, in the city Governador Valadares, MG. The institution attends children from rural workers and low-income families, who reside in the Ibituruna Peak region. The charity consisted of the donation of three laptops and a printer for the above-mentioned school. Lack of computers makes difficult the learning process, due to the fact that nowadays, computers and the internet are increasingly present during the education process. Thanks to donations, the teachers will be able to introduce students to the digital field, it will make possible perform researches and print some activities, as well as researches results. In addition to the computer equipment, the students received chocolates, so as the Easter holiday is coming and there was offered a small snack so that we could celebrate and interact, besides learning more about their reality and difficulties they are facing. In my opinion, this event will positively impact the MMM community. Moreover, activities like helping other human beings, help establish image as a charitable community. The video can be used for the publicity.

Donation of the food baskets.

On 04/02/2017, Charity event was carried out for poor families of the region, city of Balsas-MA. The charity event was held in an open and airy environment.

During the event, a presentation of the MMM Brazil System was conducted, where participants could learn about community's goals, how the system works and its advantages. Right after the presentation, 25 BASIC FOOD KIT BASKETS were distributed for the families in need of this region.

Every food basket included:
5 Kg - rice
1 Kg -beans
1 Lt - oil
1 Un -pasta
1 Kg -sugar
1 Un - coffee
1 Un - manioc starch
1 Un- corn bran
1 Pack - sardine

In the end of the event soft drinks were served for the participants. Several photos were taken with the participants.

30 adult participants and more than 10 children participated in this event. People got interested and wanted to learn more about the system, but all have little schooling experience and they also have difficulties in using computers, besides, most of them are unemployed at the moment. However, people got quite excited about the event.

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